Ron “Rock” Ghetti, Bob Brower Cleveland VFW Nat’ls ’64 (1 Comment)

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    1. admin April 6th, 2009 at 12:09 pm

      VFW Nationals August 24, 1964 Cleveland Ohio. Bob has one of the original drum corps mellophones (serial # 0004) manufactured for Dom Del Ra by the Whalley Royce Co. of Toronto Canada. Dom invented the horn and ordered six of them made from his prototype – 3 for the Cavaliers and 3 for the Interstatesmen. The I-Men used the horns first in competition, but this was the first time the mellophone was played in a national drum corps competition. The judges thought they were French Horns out of key.
      To read more about this go to:–%20Section%203.htm

      and scroll down about three quarters of the article to read about Dom Del Ra and the mellophone.

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