American Legion State Championship Parade June ’64 Pittsfield (2 Comments)

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    1. admin January 7th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

      June 27, 1964 Massachusetts State American Legion convention. Pittsfield Cavaliers placed first in the parade and the following drum corps competition at Wahconah Park. Mass. American Legion Champions.

    1. CHARLES C. STICKLES November 25th, 2009 at 12:44 am

      Hi everyone. Here is one of my Cavalier memories. This picture has to be one of the greatest pictures in the annals of Cavalier history, and maybe in the history of old-time Drum Corps. The color guard shown here is great. I remember that day clearly. We marched up South Street and the wind was roaring as we crossed West Street moving onto North Street. I remember telling Phil Bouley that I couldn’t hold my flag with one hand. We came to a stop and suddenly the photographer came out, settled himself down in the middle of North Street and took this picture. WOW!!! I think that this picture was on the cover of one, or more, of our Programs. I remember Ed Clevenger marching with us that day next to Phil Bouley, Charlie Stickles, Mark Stockton and Rick Powell. I forget the name of the man on the left but I think the one to the far right is Pete Ochs. The others I cannot identify from memory. Sorry that my memory is faulty, I welcome any additional comments. Come on you guys, you remember this stuff, please give us your memories. We all shared it.

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