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Cavalier Music

As you may know, putting full recordings of our music on an amateur site like this is problematic in that it increases the size of the site dramatically and then there are copyright issues, etc.
I did find a site developed by a guy named Glenn Weber out in California. It s called Preserve Our Corps Memories and can be found at:

(If the link doesn t work, just copy and paste it into your browser.)

It takes a bit to get used to navigating the site, but once you get it, it s pretty easy (if you run into problems write me)

On the right hand column of the home page you ll find a link called Mp3 downloads and click on that. Then on the page that comes up, look on the left hand side and you ll see a Quick Search box. Type Pittsfield into the box and hit search. He has 9 Cavalier recordings and 2 Monarch ones. Most of ours are at $1.99 each and are downloaded to your computer after you pay. Hopefully you have a PayPal account, because that s the easiest and quickest way to get them. If you buy them all you won t spend a $20.

Be sure to read Glenn s download instructions as he wants you to download the music in a very particular way. If you have problems, email him. I have found him to be very responsive and quick with replies. He seems like a real good guy. Also, any money received is donated back to music instruction for kids, so it’s a win-win all around.

He has us at the 1963, 65, & 67 World Opens, plus a 64 standstill (may be the Phil Krause recording at Camp Russell) and the 66 & 68 Samplers and a partial 67 Sampler. Hey, and one of the best parts is that you can hear Big Daddy Milone s whistle on most of the recordings!

So crank it up and have some fun!!! Annoy your grandkids 😉


P.S. If you run into trouble and you can t get through to Glenn, email me and I ll give it my best shot.

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