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Hello –
We’re happy you made it here. This site is an attempt to help us all relive some of the memories we have from our years in the Pittsfield Cavaliers. This is a hybrid web site / blog. We’re not professional web designers (isn’t it obvious?) so try to bear with us.

We thought it was appropriate to explain to you what we have tried to do with this site and hope that you can help us make it better. To begin with, many of the images here were scanned from old material (yellowed news clips, onion skin carbon copies, faded Poloroids, etc.) We’re hopeful that you can either enlarge them enough to see them, or perhaps you’re able to drag them to your desktop and print them. Or there are various programs that will allow you to enlarge on your desktop so try one of those. Also, most of the material came from albums my family had. This is not intended to be the web’s version of a Brower family home movie. You can help fix that by sending us material that you would like to see included here. Send us an email and we can start the ball rolling and show you what to do.

NOTE: Only so many images show up per page viewed. To see more items in each category, scroll to the bottom and click on “Previous Entries”.

Have some fun looking around, maybe post a comment or two and hope to hear from you soon.

Espirit d’ Corps
Bob Brower (Treb)